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1.28"-1.77" TFT DISPLAY 2"-2.4" TFT DISPLAY 2.6"-3.2" TFT DISPLAY 3.5" TFT DISPLAY 3.97" -4" TFT DISPLAY 4.3" TFT DISPLAY 5"-5.7" TFT DISPLAY 6.2"-6.86" TFT DISPLAY 7" TFT DISPLAY 8"-9" TFT DISPLAY 10.1"-10.4" TFT DISPLAY New Product!

Our Advantages12 years professional experien, A touch panel and LCM supplier which reliable for you

12 years focused on liquid crystal display module production

Ckingway Technology Co.,Ltd. Established in 2009, We focus Researching & Developing, Design, Manufacture and sales integrated into one target on Resistive Touch panel, Capacitive Touch Panel and LCD/LCM (Liquid Crystal Display Module). Coming along with Electronics consumer products increasing rapidly recently.

The company's products are widely used

Ckingway’s Product range of application widely, is applied to Automobile electronic, Medical Equipment, Industrial Control, Security monitor and Digital products etc. It was approved ISO9001 quality manager get into inside operation by third party certification “SGS” organization, All products met RoHS testing request completely and have RoHS certification.

The company's business philosophy

Ckingway holds Business ideology report that: Quality and service will not stopping to develop to be excellent., Creat value for customers. We implement management policy with institutional and hommization combination, For” Connecting People, as career into integrity, Profits shared each other, Progressing by together” talent development strategy.

About USA touch panel and LCM supplier which reliable for you.

Ckingway Technology Co.,Ltd. Established in 2009, We focus Researching & Developing, Design, Manufacture and sales integrated into one target on Resistive Touch 

panel, Capacitive Touch Panel and LCD/LCM (Liquid Crystal Display Module). Coming along with Electronics consumer products increasing rapidly recently, Our 

product has been holding steady marketing share in Touch display field under our teamwork strongly, while industry chain getting more ruggedized , professionalized.

Ckingway’s Product range of application widely, is applied to Automobile electronic, Medical Equipment, Industrial Control, Security monitor and Digital products etc. 

It was approved ISO9001 quality manager get into inside operation by third party certification “SGS” organization, All products met RoHS tes...


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